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Who we are…

We are a small group of Christians now meeting in Longford, Tasmania. We are not representative of, or affiliated with any denomination (there are too many already!). Rather, we are encouraging those in denominations to come out of them and become a member of the church Jesus founded which is patterned on the pure teachings of the New Testament, free from man-made creeds or traditions.


For those who have no church background or perhaps do not even have a belief in God or the Bible, we want to show them that there is good, credible evidence for believing that is  consistent with scientific truths.

It is our aim to help all people to know the love of God for them, and from the Bible, to help them obtain the salvation God wants to give to all through Jesus Christ.


Aside from teaching done at our regular meetings, we also offer no-obligation personal home Bible studies, Bible correspondence courses, literature, and a number of free DVDs on various topics that can be viewed in the privacy of your own home


We are looking forward to get to know the people of the Northern Midlands more, and we encourage you to visit with us or contact us if you have any questions or if we may be able to assist with any spiritual need you may have.

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